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Transcriptome expression of WT, 160OE, arf10, arf16, and arf17 Arabidopsis seedlings treated with/without heat stress

ABSTRACT: 7-day-old seedlings were treated with heat stress at 44oC for 30 min. Total RNAs were isolated for library construction and analyzed by RNA-seq via Solexa platform. Raw sequences were obtained from the Illumina Pipeline software bcl2fastq v2.0 and expected to generate 20M (million reads or Gb) per sample. Overall design: Examination of transcriptome expression in WT, 160OE, arf10, arf16, and arf17 treating with/without heat stress

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

SUBMITTER: Jeng-Shane Lin 

PROVIDER: GSE103041 | GEO | 2018-02-13


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MicroRNA160 Modulates Plant Development and Heat Shock Protein Gene Expression to Mediate Heat Tolerance in Arabidopsis.

Lin Jeng-Shane JS   Kuo Chia-Chia CC   Yang I-Chu IC   Tsai Wei-An WA   Shen Yu-Hsing YH   Lin Chih-Ching CC   Liang Yi-Chen YC   Li Yu-Chi YC   Kuo Yun-Wei YW   King Yu-Chi YC   Lai Hsi-Mei HM   Jeng Shih-Tong ST  

Frontiers in plant science 20180201

Global warming is causing a negative impact on plant growth and adversely impacts on crop yield. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are critical in regulating the expression of genes involved in plant development as well as defense responses. The effects of miRNAs on heat-stressed Arabidopsis warrants further investigation. Heat stress increased the expression of miR160 and its precursors but considerably reduced that of its targets, ARF10, ARF16, and ARF17. To study the roles of miR160 during heat stress, tran  ...[more]

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