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Chip-SIP analysis of Pacifica pier surface waters incubated with organic and inorganic nitrogen and carbon substrates

ABSTRACT: October 2010 surface seawater collected from Pacifica pier was incubated with 14 different substrates for 12 hours. Community RNA was extracted and hybridized to a Roche Nimblegen microarray and analyzed by NanoSIMS to obtain isotope ratio data for all probe spots. Overall design: Three Chips for fluorescence, and 14 Chips for different substrates from samples incubated for 12 hours.


SUBMITTER: Xavier Mayali  

PROVIDER: GSE111361 | GEO | 2018-03-03


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Quantitative isotope incorporation reveals substrate partitioning in a coastal microbial community.

Mayali Xavier X   Weber Peter K PK  

FEMS microbiology ecology 20180501 5

To quantitatively link microbial identity with biogeochemical function, we carried out 14 simultaneous stable isotope probing experiments with organic and inorganic C and N substrates to measure the isotope incorporation by over one hundred co-occurring eukaryotic and prokaryotic populations in a coastal community. We found that nitrate was the most commonly incorporated substrate, and that light-driven carbon fixation was carried out by some bacterial taxa from the Flavobacteriales and OM60 (NO  ...[more]

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