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Protein Acetylation Mediated by YfiQ and CobB Is Involved in the Virulence and Stress II

ABSTRACT: Our comparative transcriptomic studies found that the cobB and yfiQ deletions resulted in differential expression of a large number of genes,we found 399 DEGs in the cobB mutant, among which 142 were down-regulated and 257 were up-regulated and there were 594 DEGs in the yfiQ mutant, among which 219 were down-regulated and 375 were up-regulated in comparison with the Yersinia pestis wild-type strain.Interestingly, expression of the virulence-related genes hmsHFRS, psaABEF were significantly lower in both ΔcobB and ΔyfiQ. Moreover, the stress response-related genes involved in the heat- and cold-shock response, acid resistance, and the universal stress response were significantly differentially expressed.most of these genes were expressed at significantly lower levels than in the wild-type strain.The mouse infection experiments and the phenotype analysis confirmedthe virulence attenuation of ΔcobB and ΔyfiQ. Our results demonstrate that protein acetylation mediated by YfiQ and CobB is involved in the virulence and stress. Overall design: We compared the transcriptional profiles of the cobB and yfiQ mutants with that of the wild-type strain using RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq)

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Yersinia pestis)

ORGANISM(S): Yersinia pestis  

SUBMITTER: Zongmin Du  

PROVIDER: GSE112313 | GEO | 2020-03-25


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