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Genome-wide occupancy of FLAG-ERG and FLAG-EHF in RWPE1 cells

ABSTRACT: We compared the genome occupancy for FLAG-tagged versions of the ETS factors ERG and EHF in the normal prostate epithelial cell line RWPE1. Our in vitro binding studies support a model whereby oncogenic ETS factors like ERG bind cooperativly with AP1 factors at closly spaced ETS-AP1 sites, while certain non-oncogenic factors like EHF bind anti-cooperatively with AP1 at the same sites. ETS and AP1 binding motifs were enriched in both ChIP datasets, but the ERG-FLAG bound reginos contained a much higher percentage of ETS-AP1 sites spaced in close proximity, consistent with our in vitro binding data. Overall design: ChIP-seq with anti-FLAG antibody in RWPE1 cells expressing either FLAG-ERG or FLAG-EHF

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Homo sapiens)

SUBMITTER: Kathleen Clark  

PROVIDER: GSE114241 | GEO | 2018-05-10


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Electrostatic repulsion causes anticooperative DNA binding between tumor suppressor ETS transcription factors and JUN-FOS at composite DNA sites.

Madison Bethany J BJ   Clark Kathleen A KA   Bhachech Niraja N   Hollenhorst Peter C PC   Graves Barbara J BJ   Currie Simon L SL  

The Journal of biological chemistry 20181012 48

Many different transcription factors (TFs) regulate gene expression in a combinatorial fashion, often by binding in close proximity to each other on composite cis-regulatory DNA elements. Here, we investigated how ETS TFs bind with the AP1 TFs JUN-FOS at composite DNA-binding sites. DNA-binding ability with JUN-FOS correlated with the phenotype of ETS proteins in prostate cancer. We found that the oncogenic ETS-related gene (ERG) and ETS variant (ETV) 1/4/5 subfamilies co-occupy ETS-AP1 sites wi  ...[more]

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