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ChIP-Chip tiling array for H3k27ac in mouse β-TC3 cells over panel of genes including Pax6, Sox2, Otx2, Sox9.

ABSTRACT: Enhancer identification using H3k27ac ChIP-ChIP in mouse β-TC3 cells, using custom tilling array covering a 66 Mb region around Pax6 (Chr2:75,000,000-141,000,000) mm9. Additional loci and regions, Sox2 (chr3:32,000,000-37,000,000), Otx2 (chr14:48,500,000-50,500,000), Rax (chr18:65,500,000-68,000,000), Hba a-globin (chr11:32,050,000-32,450,000), Six3 (chr17:85,200,000-86,700,000), Sox1 (chr8:11,800,000-12,800,000), Mab21L2 (chr3:85,850,000-86,850,000), Bmp4 (chr14:46,500,000-47,500,000), NeuroD1 (chr2:79,050,000-79,600,000), Prox1 (chr1:191,700,000-192,700,000), Hmx1 (chr5:34,700,000-36,200,000), H19-Igf2 (chr7:149500000-150500000), Sox9 (chr11:110000000-116000000). Overall design: Two biological replicates of β-TC3 H3K27ac ChIP hybridized versus input DNA.

INSTRUMENT(S): NimbleGen 110505_AB_MM9_regions_ChIP tiling array

SUBMITTER: nick gilbert  

PROVIDER: GSE116805 | GEO | 2018-08-01


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Functional characteristics of novel pancreatic Pax6 regulatory elements.

Buckle Adam A   Nozawa Ryu-Suke RS   Kleinjan Dirk A DA   Gilbert Nick N  

Human molecular genetics 20181001 19

Complex diseases, such as diabetes, are influenced by comprehensive transcriptional networks. Genome-wide association studies have revealed that variants located in regulatory elements for pancreatic transcription factors are linked to diabetes, including those functionally linked to the paired box transcription factor Pax6. Pax6 deletions in adult mice cause rapid onset of classic diabetes, but the full spectrum of pancreatic Pax6 regulators is unknown. Using a regulatory element discovery appr  ...[more]

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