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Comparison of PPWD1 knockdown in HEK293T cells compared to scrambled shRNA control

ABSTRACT: HEK293T cells transduced with shRNA from MISSION library TRCN0000000165 using lentiviral delivery system. HEK293T cells transduced with scrambled shRNA, gifted from Dr. Mauricio Reginato. Tara L Davis, S. RaElle Jackson, Beth Adams, Anh Trinh, Jenna Marinock, and Jennifer Ayoub performed primary experimental contributions to cell lines, RNA/cDNA preparation, and validation, all Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA. Hetty Rodriguez and John Tobias performed Bioanalyzer and microarray expreriments, and initial data processing. Affiliation: Molecular Profiling Facility and Genomic Analysis Core Bioinformatics Group, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Human PPWD1 is a cyclophilin, an enzyme that interconverts cis and trans isomers of proline. The PPWD1 gene, in addition to the cyclophilin domain, encodes for an N-terminal WD40 domain. PPWD1 associates with the human spliceosome, the complex and dynamic machinery that removes intronic sequence from pre-messenger RNA (pre-mRNA). Nothing is known about the function of PPWD1 in regulation of nuclear events. To further understand the function of PPWD1, we knocked down PPWD1 in human cells. We characterized a set of alternative splicing and transcriptional events that are PPWD1-responsive. We used these splicing and transcriptional bioassays to show that PPWD1-responsive events are largely specific, even within the cyclophilin family. Overall design: 3 replicates of PPWD1 knockdown cell lines (HEK293T cells, stably integrated, selected using puro, MISSION shRNA (TRCN0000000165, 5'-CCGGGCTTAGGACTTGCTGAATATACTCGAGTATATTCAGCAAGTCCTAAGCTTTTT-3'). 3 replicates of SCR control cells lines (HEK293T cells, stably integrated, selected using puro, sequence 5′-CCTAAGGTTAAGTCGCCCTCGCTCTAGCGAGGGCGACTTAACCTT-3′). total RNA purified from ~1 million cells, cDNA converted using random hexamer primers, quantity measured using NanoDrop, quality quantified using BioAnaylzer. Affymatrix HTA2.0 array

INSTRUMENT(S): [HTA-2_0] Affymetrix Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 [probe set (exon) version]

SUBMITTER: Tara Davis  

PROVIDER: GSE117376 | GEO | 2018-10-01


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