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Annotating Low Abundance and Transient RNAs in Yeast using Tiling Microarrays and Ultra High-throughput Sequencing

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INSTRUMENT(S): [Sc03b_MF] Affymetrix GeneChip S. cerevisiae Tiling 1.0F Array

SUBMITTER: Gavin Sherlock  

PROVIDER: GSE11802 | GEO | 2008-12-18



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Novel low abundance and transient RNAs in yeast revealed by tiling microarrays and ultra high-throughput sequencing are not conserved across closely related yeast species.

Lee Albert A   Hansen Kasper Daniel KD   Bullard James J   Dudoit Sandrine S   Sherlock Gavin G  

PLoS genetics 20081219 12

A complete description of the transcriptome of an organism is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of how it functions and how its transcriptional networks are controlled, and may provide insights into the organism's evolution. Despite the status of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as arguably the most well-studied model eukaryote, we still do not have a full catalog or understanding of all its genes. In order to interrogate the transcriptome of S. cerevisiae for low abundance or rapidly turned ove  ...[more]

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