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Interferon tau-dependent and independent effects of the bovine conceptus on the endometrial transcriptome: effect of conceptus origin and sex

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to identify bovine conceptus-induced modifications to the endometrial transcriptome both dependent and independent of interferon tau (IFNT), dependent on conceptus origin [in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artifical insemination (AI) derived blastocysts] and dependent on conceptus sex. Major findings include identification of genes differentially expressed in endometrium in response to the conceptus but independent of IFNT and genes differentially expressed in endometrium in response to AI vs. IVF and male vs. female conceptuses. Overall design: Bovine uteri were collected during the mid luteal phase of the estrous cycle and utilized to produce endometrial explants. The explants were treated for 6 h with RPMI media only (Control, n=6), media containing 100ng/mL of ovine IFNT (IFNT, n=6) or with a Day in vitro (IVF, n=7) or Day 15 in vivo (AI, n=4) derived conceptus in media. Following treatment, conceptuses were identified as either male (Male, n=6) or female (Female, n=5). Total RNA was extracted from the treated endometrium and RNA samples (23) were submitted for RNA-seq analysis. Comparisons include Control vs. IFNT, Control vs. AI, Control vs. IVF, Control vs. Male, Control vs. Female, AI vs. IVF and Male vs. Female treatments.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Bos taurus)

ORGANISM(S): Bos Taurus


PROVIDER: GSE118672 | GEO | 2018-08-17


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