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Genome-wide characterization of the Fur regulatory network reveals a link between catechol degradation and bacillibactin metabolism in Bacillus subtilis

ABSTRACT: The goal of this study is to obtain a genomic view of the Fur regulatory network under both iron replete and iron deficient conditions in Bacillus subtilis using ChIP-seq. Besides the known Fur target sites, 70 putative DNA binding sites were identified, and the vast majority had higher occupancy under iron sufficient conditions. In addition,we discovered a role for catechol degradation in bacillibactin metabolism, and provided evidence that catechol 2,3-dioxygenase can detoxify endogenously produced catechol substrates in addition to its more widely studied role in biodegradation of environmental aromatic compounds and pollutants. Overall design: To modulate intracellular iron levels, we employed a high-affinity Fe2+ exporter FrvA from L. monocytogenes to impose iron starvation. Bacillus wild-type cells (with C-terminal FLAG-tagged Fur at its native locus and an IPTG-inducible ectopic copy of frvA integrated at amyE locus) were harvested at 0 and 30 min after IPTG induction to study Fur-dependent regulation under iron sufficient and deficient conditions, respectively.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Bacillus subtilis)

SUBMITTER: Hualiang Pi  

PROVIDER: GSE119163 | GEO | 2018-08-29


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Genome-Wide Characterization of the Fur Regulatory Network Reveals a Link between Catechol Degradation and Bacillibactin Metabolism in Bacillus subtilis.

Pi Hualiang H   Helmann John D JD  

mBio 20181030 5

The ferric uptake regulator (Fur) is the global iron biosensor in many bacteria. Fur functions as an iron-dependent transcriptional repressor for most of its regulated genes. There are a few examples where holo-Fur activates transcription, either directly or indirectly. Recent studies suggest that apo-Fur might also act as a positive regulator and that, besides iron metabolism, the Fur regulon might encompass other biological processes such as DNA synthesis, energy metabolism, and biofilm format  ...[more]

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