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Identification of differentially expressed miRNAs in hypoxic tumor-initiating cell (TIC) cultures

ABSTRACT: Patient-derived TIC cultures T6 and T18 were used to study the effect of normoxic vs. hypoxic culture conditions The main focus of the study was the identification and validation of new hypoxia-responsive miRNAs and target genes in such colon TICs Overall design: 4 vs 4 technical replicates for T6 and 3 vs 3 technical replicates for T18 were used to compare normoxia vs hypoxia

INSTRUMENT(S): [miRNA-4] Affymetrix Multispecies miRNA-4 Array

ORGANISM(S): Canis  

SUBMITTER: Elisabeth Letellier  

PROVIDER: GSE120424 | GEO | 2019-09-17


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Cancer stem cells, also known as tumor-initiating cells (TICs), are a population of aggressive and self-renewing cells that are responsible for the initiation and progression of many cancers, including colorectal carcinoma. Intratumoral hypoxia, i.e. reduced oxygen supply following uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells, is thought to support TIC activity by inducing specific hypoxia-responsive mechanisms that are not yet entirely understood. Using previously established and fully characteri  ...[more]

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