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Array CGH data of A. oryzae strains bearing translocated chromosomal duplication and triplication

ABSTRACT: In this study, we achieved translocated chromosomal duplication and triplication of a 1.4-Mb targeted chromosomal region by directly introducing I-SceI meganuclease into A. oryzae protoplast cells. Strains with duplication and triplication of chromosome 2 showed substantial increases in the activity of protease and amylase. Gene dosage effects were enhanced by combining the structural gene and its regulatory gene, indicating that segmental duplications of chromosomes play important phenotypic roles in koji mold strains. Overall design: A. oryzae strain bearing a 1.4Mb translocated chromosomal duplication, A. oryzae strain bearing a 1.4Mb translocated chromosomal triplication, and A. oryzae RIB40 (wild type strain), were cultivated in Polypeptone-dextrin medium. After 3 days cultivation, genomic DNAs from the samples were extracted, and array CGH analysis was carried out to confirm the chromosomal duplications in the strains.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent_017367 NISR Aspergillus oryzae 24K v.2.0

ORGANISM(S): Aspergillus oryzae  

SUBMITTER: Tadashi Takahashi  

PROVIDER: GSE120604 | GEO | 2018-10-23


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Translocated duplication of a targeted chromosomal segment enhances gene expression at the duplicated site and results in phenotypic changes in Aspergillus oryzae.

Takahashi Tadashi T   Ogawa Masahiro M   Sato Atsushi A   Koyama Yasuji Y  

Fungal biology and biotechnology 20181003

Background:Translocated chromosomal duplications occur spontaneously in many organisms; segmental duplications of large chromosomal regions are expected to result in phenotypic changes because of gene dosage effects. Therefore, experimentally generated segmental duplications in targeted chromosomal regions can be used to study phenotypic changes and determine the functions of unknown genes in these regions. Previously, we performed tandem duplication of a targeted chromosomal segment in Aspergil  ...[more]

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