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Williams RNA-Seq Samples from Various Organ and Developmental Stages

ABSTRACT: 11 RNA-Seq samples from Williams (PI548631), with a variety of tissues especially immature seeds represented; 1 sample is from Williams 55, i mutation with black seed coat (PI547881) Overall design: 12 samples total, no replicates

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer II (Glycine max)

ORGANISM(S): Glycine max  

SUBMITTER: Lila O. Vodkin  

PROVIDER: GSE123655 | GEO | 2019-09-03


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Nonallelic homologous recombination events responsible for copy number variation within an RNA silencing locus.

Cho Young B YB   Jones Sarah I SI   Vodkin Lila O LO  

Plant direct 20190827 8

The structure of chalcone synthase (<i>CHS</i>) gene repeats in different alleles of the <i>I</i> (inhibitor) locus in soybean spawns endogenous RNA interference (RNAi) that leads to phenotypic change in seed coat color of this major agronomic crop. Here, we examined <i>CHS</i> gene copy number by digital PCR and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) through whole genome resequencing of 15 cultivars that varied in alleles of the <i>I</i> locus (<i>I</i>, <i>i<sup>i</sup></i> , <i>i<sup>k</sup><  ...[more]

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