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Transcription patterns during wheat development

ABSTRACT: The analysis of gene expression during wheat development: Gene expression measurements were carried out on a developmental tissue series for wild-type wheat (cv. Chinese Spring) using the Affymetrix Wheat GeneChip. Thirteen tissues at defined developmental stages were chosen to match the barley (cv. Morex) tissue series of Druka et al. 2006 that used the Affymetrix Barley1 GeneChip. Three replicates of: root tissue at two different developmental stages, leaf, crown, caryopsis, anther, pistil, inflorescence, bracts, mesocotyl, endosperm, embryo and coleoptiles were hybridised. Comparisons between this wheat data and the barley dataset were performed and are available at [PLEXdb( has submitted this series at GEO on behalf of the original contributor, Tim Sutton. The equivalent experiment is TA3 at PLEXdb.] Overall design: tissue type: germinating seed, coleoptile(3-replications); tissue type: germinating seed, root(3-replications); tissue type: germinating seed, embryo(3-replications); tissue type: seedling, root(3-replications); tissue type: seedling, crown(3-replications); tissue type: seedling, leaf(3-replications); tissue type: immature inflorescence(3-replications); tissue type: floral bracts, before anthesis(3-replications); tissue type: pistil, before anthesis(3-replications); tissue type: anthers, before anthesis(3-replications); tissue type: 3-5 DAP caryopsis(3-replications); tissue type: 22 DAP embryo(3-replications); tissue type: 22 DAP endosperm(3-replications)

INSTRUMENT(S): [wheat] Affymetrix Wheat Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Triticum aestivum  

SUBMITTER: PLEXdb Curator Sudhansu Dash 

PROVIDER: GSE12508 | GEO | 2009-08-11



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