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RNA-seq helps to analyze the regulation mechanism of maize roots under nutrient-deficiency conditions

ABSTRACT: To increase crop yield without polluting the environment, improving crop nutrient efficiency is of great importance. The RSA of plants is centrally involved in nutrient use efficiency. Therefore, to uncover the molecular mechanisms that regulate RSA of maize under nutrient-deficiency conditions and to improve maize nutrient use efficiency based on this knowledge, we investigated the morphological changes and ribonucleic acid sequencing (RNA-seq) profiles of maize roots during growth under normal and N-, P-, and K-deficiency conditions. We analyzed the data in different aspects and verified the reliability of the RNA-seq data by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). These results will provide theoretical support for improving plant nutrient use efficiency. The maize (Z. mays) inbred line DengHai 605 was used in this study. Provided for four treatment conditions: normal N, P, and K level (CK); potassium deficiency (K-DEF); nitrogen deficiency (N-DEF); and phosphorus deficiency (P-DEF). The experiments were carried out by combining sand culture with water culture. The standard for evaluating differential gene expression is fold change (FC) > 2 or FC < -2 and p value < 0.05.The numbers of DEGs under N-, P-, and K-deficiency conditions were 3494 (1801 up-regulated and 1693 down-regulated), 3424 (1761 up-regulated and 1663 down-regulated), and 1830 (827 up-regulated and 1003 down-regulated), respectively. A total of 1483, 1470, and 519 genes were specifically expressed under the N-, P-, and K-deficiency conditions, respectively. Overall design: Zea Mays mRNA profiles of 40-day-old normal N, P, and K level (CK); potassium deficiency (K-DEF); nitrogen deficiency (N-DEF); and phosphorus deficiency (P-DEF)were generated by deep sequencing, in triplicate, using illumina Hiseq X Ten.

INSTRUMENT(S): HiSeq X Ten (Zea mays)

ORGANISM(S): Zea mays  


PROVIDER: GSE125417 | GEO | 2022-01-01


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