Dataset Information


Concurrent Versus Individual Binding of HuR and AUF1 to Common Labile Target mRNAs

ABSTRACT: RNA was isolated from material that had been immunoprecipitated (IP) from Hela cells using antibodies recognizing RNA-binding proteins HuR or AUF1, as well as using a control IgG1 antibody. RNA was reverse-transcribed in the presence of [alpha-33P]dCTP and the radiolabeled product used to hybridize human cDNA arrays. The experiment was repeated using three independent sample sets. The samples were numbered HuR-1, HuR-2, HuR-3, AUF1-1, AUF1-2, AUF1-3, IgG1-1, IgG1-2, IgG1-3. HuR represents RNA from IP reactions using an anti-HuR antibody, AUF1 represents RNA from IP reactions using an anti-AUF1 antibody and, IgG1 represents RNA from IP reactions using an anti-IgG1 antibody. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 correspond to the three independent experimental datasets. Keywords = RNa-binding protein Keywords = mRNA stability Keywords = exosome Keywords = polysome Keywords = RNA motif Keywords: ordered

INSTRUMENT(S): NIA MGC, Mammalian Genome Collection

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Myriam Gorospe  

PROVIDER: GSE1361 | GEO | 2004-05-04



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