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Interspecies hybridization between Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabidopsis arenosa

ABSTRACT: Hybrid matings between A. thaliana and A. arenosa result in post zygotic seed lethality resulting in hybridization barrier between the two species. This barrier can be overcome to a large degree by increasing the genome dosage of the maternal genome (i.e. A. thaliana) in a cross between the two species. In this experiment we assayed the transcriptome of an incompatible cross (2x At x 2x Aa) with high seed lethality and a compatible cross (4x At x 2x Aa) using silique tissue at 5 days after pollination. We used microarrays to identify dosage responsive gene in interspecies hybridization Keywords: differential expression Overall design: Total RNA was derived from the compatible and incompatible siliques for hybridization using the Affymetrix protocol. The experiment was performed in 3 independent biological replicates.

INSTRUMENT(S): [At35b_MR] Affymetrix Arabidopsis Tiling 1.0R Array

SUBMITTER: Harkamal Walia 

PROVIDER: GSE14090 | GEO | 2009-10-01



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Dosage-dependent deregulation of an AGAMOUS-LIKE gene cluster contributes to interspecific incompatibility.

Walia Harkamal H   Josefsson Caroline C   Dilkes Brian B   Kirkbride Ryan R   Harada John J   Comai Luca L  

Current biology : CB 20090625 13

Postzygotic lethality of interspecies hybrids can result from differences in gene expression, copy number, or coding sequence and can be overcome by altering parental genome dosage. In crosses between Arabidopsis thaliana and A. arenosa, embryo arrest is associated with endosperm hyperproliferation and delayed development similar to paternal-excess interploidy crosses and polycomb-repressive complex (PRC) mutants. Failure is accompanied by parent-specific loss of gene silencing including the dys  ...[more]

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