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Effect of HDAC inhibitor TSA on haploid embryogenesis [dataset 1]

ABSTRACT: Haploid embryos can be induced from cultured immature pollen following a stress treatment. In Brassica napus, application of the histone/lysine deacetylase (HDAC/KDAC) inhibitor trichostatin A (TSA) to pollen cultures enhances the production of differentiated embryos and embryogenic callus when applied together with heat stress (Li et al., 2014). To identify genes associated with the induction of B. napus haploid embryogenesis, we compared the transcriptomes of untreated pollen cultures and pollen cultures treated with either heat-stress or heat-stress plus TSA.

ORGANISM(S): Brassica napus

PROVIDER: GSE140969 | GEO | 2020/08/03


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