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Overexpression of NtmybA2 in tobacco BY-2 cells

ABSTRACT: Promoters of many G2/M phase-specific genes in plants contain mitosis-specific activator (MSA) elements, which act as G2/M phase-specific enhancers and bind with R1R2R3-Myb transcription factors. A least three R1R2R3-Myb proteins are expressed in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). To examine the genome-wide effects of NtmybA2 overexpression, we constructed transgenic tobacco BY-2 cell lines overexpressing full-length NtmybA2 protein. In addition, we generated transgenic BY-2 cell lines that overexpress truncated hyperactive form of NtmybA2 (NtmybA2∆C) lacking its C-terminal region which negatively regulates its own activity for transcriptional activation. We used a custom-made 16K cDNA microarray for comparative transcriptome analysis of these transgenic tobacco BY-2 cell lines. As control sample, BY-2 cells transformed with empty vector pPZP-35S were used. The transgenic cell lines were analyzed during stationary phase (i.e. day 7-8 after subculture into fresh media). Keywords: Genetic modification Overall design: 1. pPZP-35S vector control, 2. NtmybA2 overexpressor, 3. C-truncated NtmybA2 (NtmyA2∆C) overexpressor

INSTRUMENT(S): RIKEN 16K tobacco cDNA microarray (Slide1B)

ORGANISM(S): Nicotiana tabacum  

SUBMITTER: Masaki Ito  

PROVIDER: GSE14251 | GEO | 2009-02-28



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