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Characterization of the Bacterial Diversity of Drinking Water From 3 Parisian Treatment Plants Using Genomic Approaches

ABSTRACT: We characterized the bacterial diversity of chlorinated drinking water from three surface water treatment plants supplying the city of Paris, France. For this purpose, we used serial analysis of V6 ribosomal sequence tag (SARST-V6) to produce concatemers of PCR-amplified ribosomal sequence tags (RSTs) from the V6 hypervariable region of the 16S rRNA gene for sequence analysis. Using SARST-V6, we obtained bacterial profiles for each drinking water sample, demonstrating a strikingly high degree of biodiversity dominated by a large collection of low-abundance phylotypes. In all water samples, between 57.2-77.4% of the sequences obtained indicated bacteria belonging to the Proteobacteria phylum. Full-length 16S rDNA sequences were also generated for each sample, and comparison of the RSTs with these sequences confirmed the accurate assignment for several abundant bacterial phyla identified by SARST-V6 analysis, including members of unclassified bacteria, which account for 6.3-36.5% of all V6 sequences. These results suggest that these bacteria may correspond to a common group adapted to drinking water systems. The V6 primers used were subsequently evaluated with a computer algorithm to assess their hybridization efficiency. Potential errors associated with primer-template mismatches and their impacts on taxonomic group detection were investigated. The biodiversity present in all three drinking water samples suggests that the bacterial load of the drinking water leaving treatment plants may play an important role in determining the downstream community dynamics of water distribution networks. Overall design: 3 different drinking water samples (Orly, Ivry, Joinville drinking water sample)

INSTRUMENT(S): SARST analysis of drinking water samples

ORGANISM(S): freshwater metagenome  

SUBMITTER: Jean Baptiste Poitelon  

PROVIDER: GSE14318 | GEO | 2009-01-08



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