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Cotton Fiber Cells: Germplasm Line MD 52ne vs. Germplasm Line MD 90ne

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of cotton fiber cells from two cotton germplasm lines, MD 52ne and MD 90ne. Comparison of fiber cell transcription profiles is between the two germplasm lines and over a developmental time-course from 8 to 24 days post anthesis in four day intervals. Overall design: Cotton plants grown in 3-4 row plots of approximately 300-400 individual plants. Bulked fiber samples from multiple plants per each plot represented a biological replication. There were 3-4 spatially distinct plots per cotton germplasm line. Loop microarray hybridization experimental design. Biological replicates: 2 for each germplasm line at each time-point. Technical replicates: 2 for each germplasm line at each time-point (dye-swap).

INSTRUMENT(S): Cotton Array Version 2

ORGANISM(S): Gossypium hirsutum  

SUBMITTER: Doug Hinchliffe   

PROVIDER: GSE14388 | GEO | 2009-01-14



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