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Changes in gene expression in MKK2 and MKKKC5 mutants: wt vs mutant comparison

ABSTRACT: The mkkkC5 mutant, a knockout line of MAPKKKC5, shows changes in growth and development, as well as an altered Alternaria sensitivity. It was shown by Brader and Djamei et al.(2007) that Alternaria brassicicola sensitivity is also influenced by MKK2-activity. Aim of this experiment is to access the transcriptional changes in the mkkkc5plants as well as in plants overexpressing a constitutively active MKK2-version (MKK2EE). The second part of the experiment addresses transcriptional changes in these plants after Alternaria brassicicola infection. - au07-09_alternaria - mkk2ee and mkkkc5 mutants Keywords: wt vs mutant comparison Overall design: Comparison between the over-expressed mutant of the MKK2 gene and the KO mutant for the MKKKC5 gene versus the wild type. 4 dye-swap - CATMA arrays

INSTRUMENT(S): URGV Arabidopsis thaliana 25K CATMA_v2.3

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Sandra Pelletier  

PROVIDER: GSE14444 | GEO | 2009-02-15



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