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Cdx2 Binding Sites On Cdx2 Expressing ES Cells

ABSTRACT: A) Chromatins were prepared from Cdx2-inducible ES cells cultured for 48 - 60 hours in the Dox+ and Dox- conditions. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) was carried out by using anti-FLAG M2 affinity gel. ChIP product was tested by Western blotting using anti-FLAG antibody. Nuclear extract from ES cells cultured for 48 - 60 hours in Dox+ and Dox- condition was used for the Western blot. B) CDX2 ChIP-Seq peaks in the Hoxa7 gene region. UCSC Mouse Mm9 browser view of Hoxa7 gene locus after mapping CDX2 ChIP-Seq tags locations in the wiggle format. CDX2 ChIP-Seq peaks are shown in red color. C) Cdx2 ChIP-Seq result was verified by qPCR. Target genes were indicated in (G). Primers flanking a promoter region of Hbb-b1 and Pou5f1 as well as a gene desert region in chromosome 3 were used as negative controls. Primers flanking of Actb gene promoter were used for normalization. The relative enrichment of CDX2 binding was indicated as fold change. (D) CDX2-binding motifs identified with CisFinder using 200 bp sequences centered at ChIP sites. (F) Potential CDX2-direct target genes based on ChIP-Seq and the alteration of expression by Cdx2-overexpression. (G) Identification of CDX2 target genes by combining information on binding sites with gene expression response to Cdx2 over-expression Overall design: Chromatin IP against CDX2-Flag fusion protein. MC1 ES cells were genetically modified for ROSA26 locus to have Tet-Off expression cassette for C-terminal FLAG tagged Cdx2. The peaks are obtained from the Eland Multi Alignment file. The number of tags in peaks was compared with the number of tags in the control sample for the same region corrected by the total coverage of tags. See supplemental file of the paper for details.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer (Mus musculus)

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Minoru S.H. Ko  

PROVIDER: GSE14586 | GEO | 2009-10-01



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