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Studies of wax genes in cotton (Gossypium arboreum)

ABSTRACT: The aim of the present study is to list the genes involved in cotton (G. arboreum) leaf epicuticular wax production and deposition. For this purpose differentially expressed genes (especially, down-regulated in wax deficient mutant plant) in wild and epicuticular wax mutant (Gawm3) plants were founded through cDNA microarray, developed from the wild plant leaves. Overall design: 3× (wild cotton leaf labeled with Cy3/ epicuticular wax mutant cotton leaf (Gawm3) labeled with Cy5) 3× (wild cotton leaf labeled with Cy5/ epicuticular wax mutant cotton leaf (Gawm3) labeled with Cy3)

INSTRUMENT(S): Gossypium arboreum 9.4K

SUBMITTER: Muhammad Younas khan   

PROVIDER: GSE15279 | GEO | 2015-03-08



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