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Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) Mouse LongSAGE

ABSTRACT: This series represents the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project SAGE library collection. Libraries contained herein were either produced through CGAP funding, or donated to CGAP. The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP: is an interdisciplinary program established and administered by the National Cancer Institute (NCI: to generate the information and technological tools needed to decipher the molecular anatomy of the cancer cell. SAGE libraries are named according to the following convention: * SAGE_Organ_histology_code_unique identifier, e.g., SAGE_Colon_adenocarcinoma_CL_Caco2 * Codes: B = bulk; CL = cell line; CS = short-term cell culture; MD = micro-dissected; AP = antibody purified. Overall design: 34 libraries

INSTRUMENT(S): SAGE:17:NlaIII:Mus musculus

SUBMITTER: Cancer Genome Anatomy Project CGAP  

PROVIDER: GSE15312 | GEO | 2009-03-20



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Genome and genetic resources from the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project.

Riggins G J GJ   Strausberg R L RL  

Human Molecular Genetics 20010401 7

The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) is a collaborative network of cancer researchers with a common goal: to decipher the genetic changes that occur during cancer formation and progression. The project brings together several recent technologies capable of high-throughput analysis to help achieve this goal. Automated sequencing of cDNA libraries is a primary focus and is geared towards providing a comprehensive and annotated set of human and mouse transcribed sequences. This effort includes  ...[more]

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