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Expression data from differentiating ventral otic Epithelial Cell line

ABSTRACT: The study of the gene expression during otic development is a source of important information for understanding the mechanism of inner ear development and subsequently create appropriate gene therapies both to prevent hearing loss and eventually to regenerate the damaged parts.This dataset contains data from temporal expression profiles in an epithelial cell line derived from the cochlear duct of a mouse inner ear at embryonic day E10.5. There are 6 time points across 14 days of in vitro differentiation in serum-free media. We used microarrays to define patterns of expression in a differentiating otic cell line. Keywords: Temporal gene expression of 14 days of differentiation in vitro. Overall design: The model is based on the conditionally immortal cell line University of Sheffield/ventral otocyst-epithelial cell line clone 36 (US/VOT-E36), derived from ventral otic epithelial cells of the mouse at embryonic day 10.5. This cell ilines is recapitulates a coherent pattern of cell differentiation compared with in vivo cells and provide a convenient model for screening the effects of other extrinsic factors on the differentiation of cochlear epithelial cell types in vitro. The cell line VOT-E36 was weaned from the fetal calf serum (FCS), which was used to culture the parental cell line, by progressive serum dilution. The cell line was conditionally immortalized by a temperaturesensitive variant of the T antigen (tsA58), controlled by a c-interferoninducible promoter. Cell growth could then be arrested and the cells allowed to differentiate by culturing them at 39 C without c-interferon. Cultures were customarily set up under proliferative conditions (33 C, c-interferon) and allowed to grow for 2–3 days. To induce differentiation, the dishes were rinsed twice with Ultraculture and the medium was replaced without c-interferon and then transferred to 39 C. Medium was renewed every 4 days.

INSTRUMENT(S): [MG_U74Av2] Affymetrix Murine Genome U74A Version 2 Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Marta Milo  

PROVIDER: GSE15585 | GEO | 2009-04-08



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