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Naive and memory B6.2.16 CD8 T cell(11K A and B)

ABSTRACT: Naive B6.2.16 CD8 T cells (>85% pure) were isolated from the lymph nodes (LN) of female RAG1-deficient B6.2.16 mice. B6.2.16 CD8 T cell effectors were generated by culturing splenocytes from female RAG1-deficient B6.2.16 mice with HY peptide for 4 d and adoptively transferred into female RAG1-deficient mice. After 200 d, memory B6.2.16 CD8 T cells (>80% pure) were recovered from the spleens and LNs by magnetic bead sorting. Sample proRNA from naïve and memoryB6.2.16 CD8 T cells was isolated using Trizol(r) Reagent and used to make cRNA for hybridization according to Affymetrix protocols. Keywords: other

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mu11KsubA] Affymetrix Murine 11K SubA Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus

SUBMITTER: Philip George Ashton-Rickardt  

PROVIDER: GSE1578 | GEO | 2004-08-05



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Serine protease inhibitor 2A is a protective factor for memory T cell development.

Liu Ni N   Phillips Tiphanie T   Zhang Manling M   Wang Yue Y   Opferman Joseph T JT   Shah Ramila R   Ashton-Rickardt Philip G PG  

Nature immunology 20040815 9

An essential event in the development of memory CD8(+) T lymphocytes is the escape of progenitors from programmed cell death, but how this is mediated is unclear. Here we report that the gene encoding serine protease inhibitor 2A (Spi2A), an inhibitor of lysosomal executioner proteases dependent on transcription factor NF-kappaB, is upregulated in memory cell precursors. Spi2A upregulation protected lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-specific memory progenitors from programmed cell death. Thus,  ...[more]

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