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Oogenesis in Solea senegalensis: vitellogenic versus atretic ovaries

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profile changes in ovary during the reproductive cycle of Solea senegalensis: from vitellogenic stage to atresia stage obtained at different times during the annual reproductive cycle. An oligo microarray based on ESTs sequenced from S. senegalensis previously designed (Cerdà et al., 2008, BMC genomics) was used. Overall design: The two stages of ovary development were directly compared using three individuals for each stage (IR-Vt-1, IR-Vt-2, IR-Vt-3 for vitellogenic individuals and IR-At-1, IR-At-2, IR-At-3 for atretic individuals). For the experiment, the atretic stage was used as the control.

INSTRUMENT(S): Solea senegalensis 5k oligo microarray

ORGANISM(S): Solea senegalensis  

SUBMITTER: angela tingaud-sequeira  

PROVIDER: GSE17334 | GEO | 2009-10-02



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