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Twist-like-1a/b ChIP-chip on Ciona intestinalis embryo (early gastrula)

ABSTRACT: A genomic overview of in vivo binding of a transcription factor Twist-like-1a/b in the ascidian early gastrula embryo. Overall design: Fertilized eggs were electroporated with a construct encoding GFP-tagged Twist-like-1a/b. After fixation, chromatin was sonicated to obtain DNA fragments with an average of size of 1kb. The DNA fragments were enriched by immunoprecipitation with an polyclonal antibody specific for GFP (Invitrogen). The immunoprecipitated and WCE (Whole Cell Extract) DNA were amplified by LM-PCR for the Chip analysis. Three independent experiments were performed to reduce experimental errors.

INSTRUMENT(S): Kyoto University Custom Agilent Ciona intestinails 242K Tiling Array No.1 (of 2)

ORGANISM(S): Ciona intestinalis  

SUBMITTER: Atsushi Kubo 

PROVIDER: GSE17695 | GEO | 2010-03-09



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