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Gene expression in canine uterine bacterial infection

ABSTRACT: The study was undertaken to analyze the effect of canine uterine bacterial infection (Pyometra) on local gene expression patterns in the uteri. The results show profound upregulation of various expected genes related to both the innate and innate immune system. In addition, there was a marked upregulation of many genes associated with proteolysis. Moreover, the bacterial disease resulted in downregulation of a large number of homeobox and zinc finger transcription factors. Keywords: Expression profiling by array Overall design: Gene expression patterns in the uterus from dogs with pyometra disease compared to healthy dogs. 4 replicates each.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Canine_2] Affymetrix Canine Genome 2.0 Array

ORGANISM(S): Canis lupus familiaris  

SUBMITTER: Gunnar Pejler   

PROVIDER: GSE17878 | GEO | 2010-08-20



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