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Gene expression C. elegans age-1 mutants with neuron- or intestine-restricted age-1 activity

ABSTRACT: The goal of this experiment was to identify transcripts regulated non-autonomously by age-1 activity in neurons or intestine. Comparisons of gene expression were made between age-1(mg44) null adults and CY251 (age-1(mg44); bvIs2) and CY262 (age-1(mg44); bvIs1); all were relative to wildtype (N2). The integrated transgenes, bvIs2 and bvIs1, carry the age-1 cDNA expressed from the neuronal ric-19 promoter (bvIs2) or intestinal ges-1 promoter (bvIs1). Transcripts upregulated in age-1(mg44) adults compared to wildtype (>=1.5 fold; p<0.05) or downregulated (<0.6 fold; p<0.05) were considered to be age-1 target genes. Rescue in CY251 or CY262 was determined by change in the transgenic background versus age-1(mg44) (all relative to N2 wildtype). Non-autonomous rescue of a target gene was usually determined by transcript levels that were at least 50% rescued compared to wildtype. Overall design: Biological replicates: 2 age-1(mg44), 3 CY251 and 3 CY262

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-012795 C. elegans Oligo Microarray G2518A Option 002 (Feature Number version)

SUBMITTER: Catherine Wolkow  

PROVIDER: GSE18200 | GEO | 2009-12-31



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