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Expression analysis of Xylella fastidiosa PD Temecula strain grown in different media

ABSTRACT: Investigation of whole genome gene expression level changes in Xylella fastidiosa grown in minimal media XFM and XFM supplied with pectin or glucan (Host polysaccharides) , compared to cell grown in the complex media PWG. The cells grown in the minimal medium XFM supplied with host polysaccharides specially pectin are transmissible by the insect vector when delivered to the vector through artificial diet system. This does not happen with cells grown in the complex media. Overall design: 4 (4 plex chips) study using total RNA recovered from 4 independents replicates for Xylella fastidiosa grown on PWG, XFM, XFM-glucan and XFM-pectin.

INSTRUMENT(S): NimbleGen Xylella fastidiosa 2K

ORGANISM(S): Xylella fastidiosa Temecula1  

SUBMITTER: Nabil Killiny   

PROVIDER: GSE18369 | GEO | 2009-10-03



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