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2091 mock vs. 2091 E2F4 IP - Human 13K

ABSTRACT: 2091 mock vs. 2091 E2F4 IP - Human 13K promoter microarray 2091 cells were serum starved for 72hours and fixed with formaldehyde. Keywords: repeat sample

INSTRUMENT(S): Iyer Lab_Human promoter microarray

SUBMITTER: Jonghwan Kim  

PROVIDER: GSE1861 | GEO | 2005-01-01



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Mapping DNA-protein interactions in large genomes by sequence tag analysis of genomic enrichment.

Kim Jonghwan J   Bhinge Akshay A AA   Morgan Xochitl C XC   Iyer Vishwanath R VR  

Nature methods 20041221 1

Identifying the chromosomal targets of transcription factors is important for reconstructing the transcriptional regulatory networks underlying global gene expression programs. We have developed an unbiased genomic method called sequence tag analysis of genomic enrichment (STAGE) to identify the direct binding targets of transcription factors in vivo. STAGE is based on high-throughput sequencing of concatemerized tags derived from target DNA enriched by chromatin immunoprecipitation. We first us  ...[more]

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