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A phylogenetic microarray targeting 16S rRNA genes from the bacterial division Acidobacteria

ABSTRACT: Investigation of the phylogenetic diversity of Acidobacteria taxa using PCR amplicons from positive control 16S rRNA templates and total genomic DNA extracted from soil and a soil clay fraction Overall design: A ten chip study using PCR amplicons from cloned 16S rRNA genes and from diverse soil 16S rRNAs, with PCR primers specific to the Division Acidobacteria. Each chip measures the signal from 42,194 probes (in triplicate) targeting Acidobacteria division, subdivision, and subclades as well as other bacterial phyla. All samples except one (GSM464591) include 2.5 M betaine in the hybridization buffer. Pair files lost due to a computer crash.

INSTRUMENT(S): Acidobacteria 42K phylochip

ORGANISM(S): uncultured Acidobacteria bacterium  

SUBMITTER: Mark R Liles  

PROVIDER: GSE18711 | GEO | 2010-01-01



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