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48-h stretched human periodontal ligament cells

ABSTRACT: Human periodontal ligament (HPDL) is continuously exposed to mechanical stress in vivo. In this study, in utilizing DNA chips, we analyzed the influences of mechanical stress on the gene expression profile of HPDL cells in vitro. HPDL cells were obtained from extracted first premolars of individuals undergoing tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment. Then, HPDL cells were applied to a stretch apparatus. They were constantly stretched and relaxed at 0.5 Hz for 48hr with 110% force elongation. After the application of the cyclic tension force, total RNA was extracted. Then, in utilizing the DNA chips (Human Oligo 30K DNA Chip containing almost all human genes in the genome). We analyzed the differences of gene expression between the stretched and the non-stretched control HPDL cells The DNA chip analysis identified 17 up-regulated genes that showed at least 2-fold difference in their relative intensities between the stretched and the control. This result included the genes for the glutamate receptor binding protein: HOMER1, for the growth factor receptor: CNTFR, for the ECM remodeling protein: MMP15, for the protein interacting with calcineurin A: DSCR1, for the cytoskeletal protein: LRRFIP1, for the glutamate receptor: GRIN3A and some novel genes. On the basis of these data, we suggest that mechanical stress, in other words in vivo occlusal force, may affect the functions of HPDL cells Overall design: Gene expression profiles were constructed using Human Oligo DNA Chip 30K (Hitachi software engineering) in human periodontal ligament cells (The 48-h stretched and the 48-h non-stretched, control).

INSTRUMENT(S): Hitachisoft AceGene Human Oligo Chip 30K 1 Chip Version

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Chiharu Fujihara  

PROVIDER: GSE19118 | GEO | 2009-11-21



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