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SNP array data of breast cancer

ABSTRACT: Genome-wide study of LOH and copy number changes associated with breast cancer, their subtypes and their clinical outcome including response to chemotherapy in women sufferred from breast cancinomas. Mapping chromosome 8q22 copy gain associated with poor clinical outcome of breast cancer and discovery of 8q22 genes relevant to specific drug resistance. Overall design: Affymetrix GenChip 10K SNP Xba131 arrays were used according to the manufacturer's directions on DNA extracted from breast cancer cells enriched by needle microdissection and from paired peripheral blood samples in 50 breast tumors of high grade. Copy number analysis using dChip software was performed to identify poor outcome-associated chromosomal amplification and to correlate with gene expression.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mapping10K_Xba131] Affymetrix Human Mapping 10K SNP Array

SUBMITTER: Zhigang C Wang  

PROVIDER: GSE19594 | GEO | 2009-12-23



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Amplification of LAPTM4B and YWHAZ contributes to chemotherapy resistance and recurrence of breast cancer.

Li Yang Y   Zou Lihua L   Li Qiyuan Q   Haibe-Kains Benjamin B   Tian Ruiyang R   Li Yan Y   Desmedt Christine C   Sotiriou Christos C   Szallasi Zoltan Z   Iglehart J Dirk JD   Richardson Andrea L AL   Wang Zhigang Charles ZC  

Nature medicine 20100124 2

Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer after surgery has effectively lowered metastatic recurrence rates. However, a considerable proportion of women suffer recurrent cancer at distant metastatic sites despite adjuvant treatment. Identification of the genes crucial for tumor response to specific chemotherapy drugs is a challenge but is necessary to improve outcomes. By using integrated genomics, we identified a small number of overexpressed and amplified genes from chromosome 8q22 that were ass  ...[more]

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