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Interactions between developing B-lymphocytes and stromal cells reveal complex interactions and two-way communication

ABSTRACT: Full title: Genomics based analysis of interactions between developing B-lymphocytes and stromal cells reveal complex interactions and two-way communication In order to identify extra cellular signals that promote B lymphocyte development we created a database with approximately 400 receptor ligand pairs and software matching gene expression data from two cell populations to obtain information about possible communication pathways. Using this database and gene expression data from NIH3T3 cells (unable to support B cell development) and OP-9 cells (strongly supportive of B cell development) and data from pro-B and pre-B cells as well as mature peripheral B-lineage cells, we were able to identify a set of potential stage and stromal cell restricted communication pathways. Functional analysis of some of these potential ways of communication allowed us to identify BMP-4 as a potent stimulator of B-cell development in vitro. Further, the analysis suggested that there existed possibilities for progenitor B cells to send signals to the stroma. The functional consequences of this were investigated by co-culture experiments revealing that the co-incubation of stromal cells with pro-B cells altered both the morphology and the gene expression pattern in the stromal cells. Overall design: OP9 Stromal cells has been cultured with and without primary PreB cells drived from LSK cells in culture or PreB cell lines 230-238. OP9 cells has been isolated by FACS and microarray performed to study the effect of PreB cells on OP9's at the level of RNA expression. The results have been compared with 3T3 and MC3T3 cells.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mouse430_2] Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Sasan Zandi  

PROVIDER: GSE19729 | GEO | 2010-01-05



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