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Comparative expression profiles of human embryonic stem cells among different feeders and conditioned media

ABSTRACT: Background: The hES-T3 cell line with normal female karyotype was used to differentiate into autogeneic fibroblast-like cells (T3HDF) as feeder to support the undifferentiated growth of hES-T3 cells (T3/HDF) for 14 passages. A feeder-free culture on Matrigel in hES medium conditioned by these autogeneic feeder cells (T3HDF) was established to maintain the undifferentiated growth of hES-T3 cells (T3/CMHDF) for 8 passages. Results: The gene expression profiles of mRNAs, microRNAs and proteins between the undifferentiated T3/HDF and T3/CMHDF cells were shown to be very similar, and their expression profiles were also found to be similar to those of T3/MEF and T3/CMMEF cells grown on MEF feeder and feeder-free Matrigel in MEF-conditioned medium, respectively. The abundantly expressed genes of T3/HDF, T3/CMHDF, T3/MEF and T3/CMMEF cells were found to play prominent roles in signaling pathways and GO process networks. The miR-302/367 cluster and miR-371/372/373 cluster were extremely abundantly expressed in undifferentiated T3/HDF and T3/CMHDF as well as T3/MEF andT3/CMMEF cells. The undifferentiated state of T3/HDF and T3/CMHDF cells was evidenced by the very high expression levels of ¡§stemness¡¨ genes and low expression levels of differentiation markers of ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm in addition to the strong staining of OCT4 and NANOG. Conclusion: The T3HDF feeder and T3HDF-conditioned medium were able to support the undifferentiated growth of hES cells, and they would be useful for drug development and toxicity testing in addition to the reduced risks of xenogeneic pathogens when used for medical applications such as cell therapies. Keywords: genetic modification Overall design: In this investigation, both miRNA and mRNA expression profiles from human embryonic stem cells (hES-T3) grown on MEF feeder (T3_MEF), feeder-free Matrigel in MEF-conditioned medium (T3_CMMEF), T3HDF (hES-T3 differentiated fibroblast-like cells) feeder and feeder-free Matrigel in T3HDF-conditioned medium were quantitatively determined. Several target genes of T3BA and T3CM cells-specific miRNAs were identified. ***This submission represents the mRNA expression component of the study only***

INSTRUMENT(S): [HG-U133_Plus_2] Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Sung-Liang Yu  




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