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Meta-transcriptomic analysis of the response of river biofilms to pharmaceutical products using anonymous DNA microarray

ABSTRACT: Low concentrations of pharmaceutical compounds were shown to induce transcriptional responses in isolated microorganisms, which could have consequences on ecosystem dynamics. In order to test if these transcriptional responses could also be observed in complex river microbial communities, biofilm reactors were inoculated with water from two distinct rivers and supplemented with environmentally relevant doses of four pharmaceutical products (erythromycin-ER, gemfibrozil-GM, sulfamethazine-SN and sulfamethoxazole-SL). To follow the expression of functional genes, we constructed a 9,600 features anonymous DNA microarray platform onto which cDNA from the various biofilms was hybridized. Overall design: The reactor design for biofilm development has been previously described (Lawrence et al., 2004; Lawrence et al., 2000). Two duplicate experiments were carried out, with reactors being inoculated with either water from the WC (nutrient rich) or the SSR (nutrient poor). Treatments consisted in the addition of various pharmaceutical compounds: 1 µg l-1 erythromycin (ER), 1 µg l-1 gemfibrozil (GM), 0.5 µg l-1 sulfamethazine (SN), 0.5 µg l-1 sulfamethoxazole (SL). Nothing was added to control reactors (CO). All treatments were replicated independently three times. A reference sample (composite sample from Wascana Creek reactors used to construct the microarray) was hybridized (Cy5) on each slide.

INSTRUMENT(S): NRC-BRI biofilms 10K v1.0

SUBMITTER: Etienne Yergeau  

PROVIDER: GSE20501 | GEO | 2010-07-06



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