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Nicotiana benthamiana Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: GR24, a synthetic strigolactone, and KAR1, the main bioactive compound in smoke water, both share a common α,β unsaturated furanone moiety which promotes biomass accumulation in three week old N. benthamiana seedlings. In order to investigate whether this D ring is responsible for the biomass accumulation, gene expression profiles were evaluated for co-expression on the Agilent 44k N. tabacum microarray. GR24, smoke and KAR1 induced different transcripts, and suggests that they trigger independent growth responses. Overall design: Control (untreated), GR24 (10-7M), smoke water (1:1000 dilution) and butenolide (10-7M) gene expression profiles were evaluated on three week old seedlings, in two independent experimental trials.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-021113 Tobacco Gene Expression Microarray (Feature Number version)

ORGANISM(S): Nicotiana benthamiana  

SUBMITTER: Paul Hills  

PROVIDER: GSE20520 | GEO | 2010-02-25



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