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Understanding the complexity of fruit ripening by transcriptome analysis of rin mutant fruit

ABSTRACT: [original title] Understanding the complexity of fruit ripening by transcriptome analysis of rin mutant fruit and in silico analysis of promoters of differentially regulated genes A tomato MADS-box transcription factor, LeMADS-RIN, controls fruit ripening and mutation in this gene results in non-ripening phenotype of fruit. This mutation down-regulates certain ripening related ethylene responses, however, other ethylene responses are normal. A complete understanding of this mutation and its effect on fruit transcriptome during ripening is not clear. In this study, microarray analysis has been used to investigate the influence of rin mutation on fruit transcriptome at different stages of ripening. A total of 2,398 genes were found to be differentially expressed in wild type fruit pericarp, which on cluster analysis indicated a major shift in their expression profiles in rin mutant fruit. A total of 1,802 genes were found to be differentially expressed between wild type and rin mutant fruits and 17% of these genes encoded regulatory elements, suggesting that mutation in LeMADS-RIN results in disturbance in the regulatory transcriptional networks during ripening. Since LeMADS-RIN has been reported to bind to the CArG box of LeACS2 promoter, in-silico analysis of 51 putative promoter sequences of the genes, that showed ripening associated up-regulation in wild type but showed impairment in up-regulation in rin mutant fruit during ripening, were searched for presence of CArG box along with ethylene and auxin responsive elements. The study revealed that only 24 putative promoter sequences harbor LeMADS-RIN specific CArG box suggesting an alternative mode of regulation by LeMADS-RIN for CArG box deficient genes. Overall design: Three chronological stages of tomato (Solanum lycopersicon) fruit ripening were compared between wild type and rin mutant

INSTRUMENT(S): [Tomato] Affymetrix Tomato Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Solanum lycopersicum  

SUBMITTER: arun k. sharma 

PROVIDER: GSE20720 | GEO | 2012-02-29



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