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Genomic comparison of M. tuberculosis (Mtb) clinical isolates of the Beijing family and clinical isolate HN878 dosR::hyg derivatives versus Mtb laboratory strain H37Rv ATCC27294

ABSTRACT: Genomic comparisons among different lineages Mtb isolates. Overall design: Laboratoy strain Mtb H37Rv was compered to nine Mtb clinical isolates of the Beijing lineage. One, two or three replicates were performed for each comparison. Laboratory strain Mtb H37Rv was also compared to two laboratory, genetically-modified derivates from Mtb HN878 clinical isolate in which one copy of the dosR gene was inactivated. Two replicates were performed for each comparison.

INSTRUMENT(S): McGill/Behr lab_M. tuberculosis_10K_v1.0

SUBMITTER: Pilar Domenech  

PROVIDER: GSE20917 | GEO | 2010-08-01



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Massive gene duplication event among clinical isolates of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis W/Beijing family.

Domenech Pilar P   Kolly Gaëlle S GS   Leon-Solis Lizbel L   Fallow Ashley A   Reed Michael B MB  

Journal of bacteriology 20100716 18

As part of our effort to uncover the molecular basis for the phenotypic variation among clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates, we have previously reported that isolates belonging to the W/Beijing lineage constitutively overexpress the DosR-regulated transcriptional program. While generating dosR knockouts in two independent W/Beijing sublineages, we were surprised to discover that they possess two copies of dosR. This dosR amplification is part of a massive genomic duplication spanning 35  ...[more]

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