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WSC1extMID2cyt strain 2 hour exposure to caspofungin

ABSTRACT: We did transcription profiling on the effect of wsc1 deletion, gene involved in cell wall stress response Keywords: cell wall stress response Overall design: S. cerevisiae (WSC1extMID2cyt strain BY4741) was grown on YEPD. For caspofungin experiments, yeast cells were grown overnight at 24 °C to an optical density 0.8 - 1 (A600). The culture was refreshed to 0.2 O.D and grown at 24 °C for 2h 30min. Next, culture was divided into two parts. One continues growing under same conditions (non-treated culture) while the other was supplemented with 15ng/ml of caspofungin. Cells were collected at 2 hours of growth, frozen at -80 °C and processed for RNA extraction. The total RNA from two different cultures was analyzed, and, in addition, for each sample two different hybridizations were performed, including fluorochrome swapping in order to minimize transcriptional changes due to technical variability. This therefore corresponded to four DNA microarrays analyzed for each condition.

INSTRUMENT(S): yeast48canada (condensed version)

SUBMITTER: Javier Arroyo  

PROVIDER: GSE22422 | GEO | 2010-06-19



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Characterization of sensor-specific stress response by transcriptional profiling of wsc1 and mid2 deletion strains and chimeric sensors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Bermejo Clara C   García Raúl R   Straede Andrea A   Rodríguez-Peña José M JM   Nombela César C   Heinisch Jürgen J JJ   Arroyo Javier J  

Omics : a journal of integrative biology 20101020 6

Cell wall stress in the model yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is known to trigger an adaptive transcriptional response. This response is mediated by a specific MAPK cell wall integrity (CWI) signal transduction pathway and affects the expression of many genes whose products are involved in the remodeling of the cellular envelope. Cell wall damage is detected mainly by Wsc1 and Mid2, which are the dominant sensors of CWI pathway. Here, we first determined the transcriptional response to different  ...[more]

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