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ACGH hybridization of breast cancer cell line T47D

ABSTRACT: An array CGH hybridization of breast cancer cell line T47D compared against a normal human female reference. Overall design: One hybridization of T47D genomic DNA against a normal human female reference was performed. T47D was labeled with Cy5 and reference with Cy3.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-014693 Human Genome CGH Microarray 244A (Feature number version)

SUBMITTER: Henrik Edgren  

PROVIDER: GSE22547 | GEO | 2010-06-25



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Integrative functional genomics analysis of sustained polyploidy phenotypes in breast cancer cells identifies an oncogenic profile for GINS2.

Rantala Juha K JK   Edgren Henrik H   Lehtinen Laura L   Wolf Maija M   Kleivi Kristine K   Vollan Hans Kristian Moen HK   Aaltola Anna-Riina AR   Laasola Petra P   Kilpinen Sami S   Saviranta Petri P   Iljin Kristiina K   Kallioniemi Olli O  

Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.) 20101101 11

Aneuploidy is among the most obvious differences between normal and cancer cells. However, mechanisms contributing to development and maintenance of aneuploid cell growth are diverse and incompletely understood. Functional genomics analyses have shown that aneuploidy in cancer cells is correlated with diffuse gene expression signatures and aneuploidy can arise by a variety of mechanisms, including cytokinesis failures, DNA endoreplication, and possibly through polyploid intermediate states. To i  ...[more]

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