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Phosphorus starvation induced genes in Brassica carinata

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the present study is to determine the effect of Phosphorus deficiency on gene expression level using microarray analysis to identify genes responsible for root hair development. Phosphorus deficiency induced the formation of root hairs to explore a greater soil volume but molecular mechanisms were unknown. Therefore, microarray experiments were performed using root tips of Brassica carinata cultivars Bale and Bacho, respectively differing in root hair length during Phosphorus deficiency. Experimental design was carried out in nutrient solution in a climate chamber with controlled environmental conditions (20°C, 16h day/8h night cycle, 70% relative humidity) in a randomized design. 25 root tips from 10 day old seedlings grown without Phosphorus of 1cm length were harvested and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen. Gene expression analyses were performed Overall design: Results from xy microarrays are summarized in this study. The samples originate from roots of cultivars Bale and Bacho grown in Phosphorus deficient conditions. Microarrays were hybridized with Cy3 and Cy5 labeled cDNA from Bale and Bacho both during Phosphorus deficiency using a dye swap approach

INSTRUMENT(S): Galbraith Lab Arabidopsis 29K v3.0

ORGANISM(S): Brassica carinata  

SUBMITTER: Frank Stahl  

PROVIDER: GSE22677 | GEO | 2010-07-29



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