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LVS iclR deletion mutant vs. wild-type LVS

ABSTRACT: These microarray studies are part of a larger study characterizing a deletion mutant of the putative transcriptional regulator IclR in Francisella tularensis LVS and SchuS4 strains. The microarrays were performed using RNA isolated from wild-type LVS and a LVS iclR deletion mutant after growing in Chamberlain?s defined media pH 6.3 to early mid-log phase. Results suggest that IclR affects expression of several genes after determining statistically significant differences by SAM. Overall design: Comparison of gene expression between LVS iclR deletion mutant vs. wild-type LVS.

INSTRUMENT(S): JCVI PFGRC Francisella tularensis 12K v2 array designed primarily based on strain Schu 4

ORGANISM(S): Francisella tularensis  

SUBMITTER: Tom Kawula 

PROVIDER: GSE23454 | GEO | 2010-08-13



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