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Genes modulated by rhBMP2 and rhBMP7 during osteoblastic differentiation of C2C12 cells

ABSTRACT: This study analyses the gene expression profile of pre-osteoblastic C2C12 mice cells during osteodifferentiation in control and induced by rhBMP2 and rhBMP7 using DNA microarrays. Genes which were already known to be activated by BMP2, to be also activated by rhBMP7, indicating that BMP7 induces these genes in a similar fashion as BMP2. Moreover, we identified some new genes, such as Hoxc8, Glis1, Glis3, Ecsit, LrP6, Dvl1, Grn, BMP1, Ltbp2, Plod1, Htra1 and IGFBP-rP10, to be upregulated by both rhBMPs. Overall design: Total RNA from mouse pre-myoblastic and pre-osteoblastic C2C12 cell line, after 12h of treatment with rhBMP2 and rhBMP7, was hybridized to a microarray and analyzed.

INSTRUMENT(S): GE Healthcare/Amersham Biosciences CodeLink™ Mouse Whole Genome Bioarray

SUBMITTER: Maria Angélica Lopes de Souza 

PROVIDER: GSE23783 | GEO | 2011-11-17



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