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RIP-chip analysis of the C. elegans GLD-2 and RNP-8 protein

ABSTRACT: C. elegans GLD-2 forms an active PAP with multiple RNA-binding partners to regulate diverse aspects of germline and early embryonic development. One GLD-2 partner, RNP-8, was previously shown to influence oocyte fate specification. To identify transcripts selectively associated with both GLD-2 and RNP-8, we employ a genomic approach using the method of RNA immunoprecipitation followed by microarray analysis (RIP-chip). We used microarrays to identify mRNAs selectively associated with either GLD-2 or RNP-8. Overall design: Worm extracts were prepared from synchronized adult C. elegans (15 h after L4 stage). For GLD-2 IP, an immoblized anti-GLD-2 antibody was then used to purify the GLD-2 complexes from either wild-type (N2) or gld-2(RNAi) worm extracts. RNA was then extracted from the pellets and analyzed on C.elegans Affymetrix genechip. Four biological replicates were performed, each sample processed in parallel. For RNP-8 IP, an immoblized anti-RNP-8 antibody was then used to purify the RNP-8 complexes from either wild-type (N2) or rnp-8(q784) worm extracts and three biological replicates were performed. For wt or gld-2(RNAi) samples, total RNA was extracted from worm extracts and hybridized on C.elegans Affymetrix genechip.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Celegans] Affymetrix C. elegans Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Caenorhabditis elegans  

SUBMITTER: Judith Kimble  




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