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Affymetrix SNP array data for Marginal Zone Lymphoma samples

ABSTRACT: Marginal zone B-cell lymphomas (MZL) have been divided into three distinct subtypes (extranodal MZL of MALT type, nodal MZL; splenic MZL). Nevertheless, the relationship between them is still unclear. We performed a comprehensive analysis of genomic DNA copy number changes in a very large series of MZL cases with the aim of addressing this question. Samples from 218 MZL patients (25 nodal, 57 MALT, 134 splenic and two not better specified MZL) were analyzed with the Affymetrix Human Mapping 250K SNP arrays, and the data combined with matched gene expression in 33/218 cases. MALT lymphoma presented significantly more frequently gains at 3p, 6p, 18p and del(6q23) (TNFAIP3/A20), whilst splenic MZL was associated with del(7q31), del(8p). Nodal MZL did not show statistically significant differences when compared with MALT lymphoma while lacked the splenic MZL-related 7q losses. Gains of 3q and 18q gains were common to all three subtypes. Del(8p) was often present together with del(17p) (TP53). While del(17p) did not determine a worse outcome and del(8p) was only of borderline significance, the presence of both deletions had a highly significant negative impact on the outcome of splenic MZL. Overall design: Copy number analysis of Affymetrix 250K Nsp SNP arrays was performed for a total of 218 MZL samples were analyzed by high resolution genome wide-DNA profiling: 57 MALT lymphoma, 134 splenic MZL, 25 nodal MZL and two MZL where allocation to a specific category was not possible.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mapping250K_Nsp] Affymetrix Mapping 250K Nsp SNP Array

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Francesco Bertoni  




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