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Role for ISGF3II in the Antiviral Activity of IFN-gamma

ABSTRACT: Type-I (e.g. IFN-alpha, IFN-beta) and type-II IFNs (IFN-gamma) have antiviral, antiproliferative, and immunomodulatory properties. Both types of IFN signal through the Jak/STAT pathway to elicit antiviral activity, yet IFN-gamma is thought to do so only through STAT1 homodimers while type-I IFNs activate both STAT1- and STAT2-containing complexes such as ISGF3. Here we show that ISGF3II - composed of phosphorylated STAT1, unphosphorylated STAT2, and IRF9 - also plays a role in IFN-gamma-mediated antiviral activity in humans. Using phosphorylated STAT1 as a marker for IFN signaling, western blot analysis of IFN-alpha2a treated human A549 cells revealed that pSTAT1 (Y701) levels peaked at 1h, decreased by 6h, and remained at low levels for up to 48h. Cells treated with IFN-gamma showed a biphasic pSTAT1 response with an early peak at 1-2h and a second peak at 15-24h. Gene expression microarray following IFN-gamma treatment for 24h indicated an induction of antiviral genes that are induced by ISGF3 and associated with a type-1 IFN response. Induction of these genes by autocrine type-I and type-III IFN signaling was ruled out using neutralizing antibodies to these IFNs in biological assays and by qRT-PCR. Despite the absence of autocrine IFNs, IFN-gamma treatment induced formation of ISGF3II. This novel transcription factor complex binds to ISRE promoter sequences, as shown by ChIP analysis of the PKR promoter. STAT2 and IRF9 knockdown in A549 cells reversed IFN-gamma-mediated ISRE induction and antiviral activity - implicating ISGF3II formation as a significant component of the cellular response and biological activity of IFN-gamma. Overall design: Two treatments using three biological replicates each were performed using three million A549 cells. Each was seeded overnight in 10mL complete RPMI and treated. Three were treated with alpha-IFN and three treated with gamma-IFN for 24h. Control samples were left untreated.


ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Angel N Morrow  

PROVIDER: GSE25113 | GEO | 2011-01-19



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