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Gene expression profiling of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) following an acute exposure to pulp and paper mill effluents

ABSTRACT: We evaluated the possible mechanisms by which exposure to a sequentially treated pulp and paper mill effluent affects gene expression in the liver of male and female fathead minnows. Overall design: Sexually mature fathead minnows were exposed to either river water, which served as our control (C), 10% untreated kraft effluent (UTK), 25% treated kraft effluent (TK) or 100% final effluent (CMO) from a multiprocess pulp and paper mill for 6 days. A total of 4 treatments. Each exposure aquarium consisted of a 42.1 L column that contained individual 5.3 L chambers. Each chamber contained a FHM breeding pair. A total of 3 biological replicates for male and female FHM per treatment were sent for microarray analysis resulting in a total of 24 arrays run as a reference design with a pooled sample of the 6 river water exposed fish serving as the reference sample..

INSTRUMENT(S): EcoArray Fathead minnow 44K v1.0

ORGANISM(S): Pimephales promelas  

SUBMITTER: Shannon L Costigan  




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